legend centra

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Legend Group has achieved a new milestone and revealed its new endeavour in 2019 following the success of Gourmet Hub. The V Square Mall was acquired by the Legend group and renovated into Legend Centra. Legend Centra is a uniquely designed architecture that exceeds the highest standards of commercialization. The inclusion of a hypermarket, sports bar, retail stores, and a well-designed entertainment area with multiplex and dining outlets makes Legend Centra, which is conveniently located and has a huge façade, visited by a large section of people. Learn More

The structure, which is an attraction in and of itself, spans a mind-boggling 200000 sq ft, making it a one-stop shop for upscale shopping and investing. The interiors of the project, which have been meticulously designed, are the pinnacle of luxury and technological innovation. It's a pleasant spot to hang out owing to the numerous stores and showrooms lined up with well-known brands.