Legend Gourmet Hub

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The capital city mall was the centrepiece of the historic redevelopment undertaken by Legend Group in 2015; it was then revitalised and relaunched as Gourmet Hub, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. A wonderful fusion of fine dining and entertainment. It is a one-stop destination offering all kinds of cuisine where one can chill after shopping and savour a delicious feast. It complements the retail space for dining options with an appealing brand mix that offers high-quality, hygienic meals at an affordable price. Learn More

Concept of "Gourmet Hub"

Taarun of Legend Group has modelled a successful business venture. It is a concept that can today be implemented by any builder or construction company that looks to optimize its profits after commissioning a mall or a large retail space.

The gourmet hub is a turnkey venture by which a builder can convert their new mall / old mall with fallow space into a mega profit making venture. With a multitude of solutions, Legend Group acts as the perfect bridge between the retailer and the mall owner.

As a builder it can be a tedious task to get together a cartel of over 200 restaurateurs & retailers or for that matter manage with all their demands and even collect regular rent from all, especially in these times of unsure profits owing to lower footfalls in pure retail malls.
So, if a builder signs with Legend Group, they provide the mall owner with the right retail mix. This would mean the exact mix between high end retail brands and budget brands combined with the right mix of fine dining restaurants and simple fast-food joints.

Legend Group works on a very clear cut strategy of recognizing the potential of the market, based on the surrounding locality and income profile. This can be seen in cities like Delhi NCR region where traditional areas like Punjabi Bagh would have a higher clientele for Mughlai, Indian or Punjabi cuisine compared to say areas like South Delhi where people are ready to experiment with Mexican, Lebanese or even Japanese cuisine.

The Gourmet Hub will basically be an "all in all mall" concept where all elements of fine dining and entertainment would have been amalgamated perfectly, with more focus on attracting the gastronomes through their varied array of eateries. The gourmet hub would comprise of everything from multi ‐cuisine restaurants like ethnic Indian, American, Japanese, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Oceanic, Continental, Asian, African and world dining. Whether it is a food court or health food mart, this venture will give deep thought to every fine detail. Authentic international cuisine mixed with a fine environment is a natural recipe for success.