Legend Tristaar

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The Legend Tristaar is the ideal illustration of opulent contemporary consumerism. Its architectural layout offers you the ideal combination of high street commerce and recreation in perfect zoning.

The concept illustrates of all national and international brands, one entreats in everyday need, being it Multi brands outlet or world class cuisines restaurants or gaming zones (FEC’s), Legend Tristaar is perfect destination to hang around with your loved ones. Learn More

Every shopping cum dining experience at Legend Tristaar is exceptional and one-of a-kind. With a wide selection of "tastefully picked" restaurants, the tastiest food, and a variety of international cuisines, we offer an experience that will always make your delicious buds pleased!

Legend Group is skilled in developing concept malls and ensuring that our vision generates the most revenue possible.

Based on the surrounding area and income profile, Legend Group uses a highly precise technique to identify market potential. With the help of the gourmet hub, a developer may transform a space in a new or existing mall into a hugely successful business. Legend Group serves as the ideal link between the store and the mall owner by offering a wide range of choices.