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The Legend Group, driven by its philosophy of adhering to the highest levels of service standards and providing world class customer service experience, is recognized as a leading ITES, Transport, Real Estate & Wealth Management solutions provider. Learn More

Legend Group's global network, spread across India, USA, Australia and New Zealand, caters to a range of customers spanning both small/medium/large corporates and individuals . Committed to excellence and quality, our handpicked team of skilled executives work towards providing corporates and individuals with the finest property solutions and various other specialized services including real estate investments, debt collection, transport and online marketing solutions.

We work closely with global financial institutions to support them in debt collections and other ITES services, with multinationals to provide them with world class realty developers and online marketing solutions. Legend Group, through its rich experience and world class service standards, offers high level expert advice/consultancy on specialized services ranging across areas such as acquisitions, debt collection, financing, project management, strategic direction, transportation and much more.

We directly align our service to client requirements. This allows us to create centers of excellence that customers can leverage to transform and enable their businesses. At the Legend Group, each and every single solution/service is strategically designed to cater to the requirements of clients, be it individuals or small/medium/large corporates.


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