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Introducing Great World of Cars (GWoC) - India`s first of its kind concepts car mall destination!

An amazing destination where the finest luxury auto brands will come together to showcase the best of their offering, in a world class ambience.

Here car lovers can experience all types of cars from various brands all under one roof alongwith wide variety of activities and entertainment options for the entire family.

GWoC offers most happening concerts, shows, launches and celebrity events at every weekend. It also offers fun zone for recreational purposes for kind and a lavish food zone for foodies.

The Concept

Great World of Cars is set to revolutionize car shopping like never before.

With shpwrooms of all premium brands, Accessory Galleries, Car Finance Gallery, Insurance Gallery and lots, lots more, GWoC becomes the most sought after destination for car buying.

The one-stop shop for all things, GWoC is here to set a new trend for car buyers. It aims to alter the buying trends of the car buyer.

Being introduced in India for the first time by Legend Group of Companies, GWoC aims to create a win win situation for: The car buyers, The car manufacturers and The developer / builder.